Sialkot Citi Housing – Property Guide


Sialkot is Pakistan’s 12th most populous city, and is part of north-east Punjab — one of Pakistan’s mostly highly industrialized regions. Sialkot is believed to be site of ancient Sagala, a city razed by Alexander the Great in 326 BCE, and then made capital of the Indo-Greek kingdom by Menander-I in the 2nd century BCE – a time during which the city greatly prospered as a major center for trade and Buddhist thought.
Sialkot has been noted by The Economist for its entrepreneurial spirit, and productive business climate. It is the world’s largest producer of hand-sewed footballs, with local factories manufacturing 40~60 million footballs a year, amounting to roughly 70% of world production. Sialkot is also the world’s largest manufacturer of surgical instruments. During the colonial era British India’s first bagpipe works opened in the city, today there are 20 pipe bands in the city. The 2014 FIFA World Cup’s footballs were made by Forward Sports, a company based in Sialkot. The relatively small city exported approximately $2 billion worth of goods in 2015, or about 10% of Pakistan’s total exports.
Sialkot is also home to the Sialkot International Airport – Pakistan’s first privately owned public airport


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  • Canal View
  • Mosques
  • School
  • Citi Medicare
  • Shopping Mart
  • Opera Cinema
  • Theme Park
  • Citi Parlour
  • 24/7 Security
  • 24/7 Power Supply


Purpose built Citi Housing Sialkot is positioned strategically on Sialkot Road. It modeled a picture-perfect, green and serene lifestyle featuring every convenience of city life and the comfort of a suburban community. Developed by internationally acclaimed designer, this gated community is an epitome of excellence in town planning. Comprising niche commercial boulevards, iconic residential blocks, lush green parks and greenbelts with nicely-manicured flowerbeds, developed along a road network for hassle-free commutation, the project opens a world of plush lifestyle to guarantee a happy and healthy lifestyle to our residents.
Citi Housing Sialkot is developing an international standard 200 beds hospital, world-class school, centrally air-conditioned grand mosque, zoo, luxury gym & spa and a world-class movie theater enrich the exuberance of gold standard living.


Citi Housing Sialkot presents novelty amenities and privileged entertainment facilities for privileged residents. From classic architectural design of mosques to excellence in education, from immaculate security philosophy and strategy to 24/7 uninterrupted power supply, from lavish parlor to the innovative cutting edge weight reducing and body shaping fitness centers, from Inspiration of wildlife, from cinematic indulgence of world class movies to exquisite tastes of China Citi Restaurant. Residents have access to a beautiful artistic Mosque, and an international standard school system in addition to privileged amenities like uninterrupted underground utilities tunnel, extensive network of open wide roads, lush green parks, and a Zoo for the entertainment and education, and a fully equipped hospital.


  • Residential with commercial markets with complete infrastructure.


  • Completely sold out.
  • Plots are offered after development on newly acquired land
  • Large number of houses have been completed and occupied.
  • Few under construction houses are near completion.


  • Artistic and tastefully decorated air-conditioned Mosque.
  • School
  • Citi Shopping MART
  • China Citi Restaurant
  • The Opera Cinema
  • Citi Parlor
  • Modern Zoo
  • Wide Road Network
  • Commercial Area
  • Town Monuments
  • Landscaped parks
  • Streetscapes
  • Monuments of Greek pillars
  • Trafalgar Square replica
  • Administrative Office
  • Waterfall garden
  • Amazing dancing fountain