Lahore Greenz Luxury Farm Houses – Location & Payment Plan

Project Highlights

– A Vibrant Farmhouse Community
– Spread over 150 Acers Land
– Lush Green Setting
– Located on Bedian Road, Lahore
– High Investment Return guaranteed
– Modern amenities available
– 2, 4, 6, 8 and 16 Kanal Farmhouses
– Easy Payment and Installment Plan
– 50% Down Payment
– Possession in 5 Months 

Lahore Greenz Farmhouse is a modern gated project on Bedian Road where the stunning accommodations along with the leisure facilities provide dream living to people in a peaceful setting.  It is an impressive and largest project which is offering luxurious farmhouses for sale in Lahore for those who want to adopt a natural way of living. The place is a perfect amalgamation of modernism and serenity with the availability of conveniences necessary to lead a significant life.

Plots for Sale

Payment Plan

Project Plan

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Facilities and Features

Spread over a large area of land, the developers have exceptionally planned everything. People will find this place ideal for living as well as for investment purposes. Advanced farm housing ideas are applied so that the buyers can experience something unique and incredible. Lahore Greenz Farmhouse aims to promote a natural way of living adorned with the advanced facilities so that a balanced living can be provided to people. Moreover, the investment opportunities are high as it is emerging as one of the top real estate developments in Lahore.

This project is exclusive and a top choice of those who are looking for a unique sort of living with high standards. The developers have planned everything in an advanced way to cater to all the needs and demands of people attached to this community. Modern architecture and infrastructure grab the attention of all towards this development to own property for sale here at the exceptional prices.

Lahore Greenz Bedian Road

Lahore Greenz presents the true picture of luxury, high quality, and exclusivity where a dream residence is available to all. Development work has started on the advanced concepts however the residents will find farmhouses in different sizes so that they can choose according to their needs.

You will find all the basic and up to date amenities here which will help to elevate your living standards. The large well-defined spaces with auspicious environment assure the best farmhouse lifestyle to people. The rustic luxury is symbolized very well by this project where you can escape the hectic city life to come amid natural settings for peace, relaxation and healthy living.

The ideal location allows you to enjoy all the conveniences of life however you will also enjoy serene surroundings. One can access this farmhouse community easily as the main roads and attractions are attached making its value higher among the investors. The whole project is based on the advanced ideas where you can enjoy the residence in an agricultural atmosphere.

Landscape gardens and greenery all around where an incredible time can be spent by interacting with nature. Though the community is modern and everything is planned auspiciously by the developers with an incredible touch of natural living. People can live here or come to spend weekends with their loved ones as the luxurious spaces and pleasant atmosphere offer something truly incredible.

Lahore Greenz Farmhouse Plots for Sale

Lahore Greenz farmhouses society is offering various size plots for sale to allow you to make a safe investment. You will also be able to enjoy the farmhouse living in the midst of luxuries. Here, the plots in the following sizes are available from which they can buy as per their requirement!

– 2 Kanal

– 4 Kanal

– 6 Kanal

– 8 Kanal

– 16 Kanal

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Lahore Greenz Farmhouse Payment Plan

Enjoy the enchanted, exclusive, peaceful and luxurious lifestyle at Lahore Greenz Farmhouse project which is the perfect destination to live and invest. The dream lifestyle is available to you at the most affordable and attractive rates as the Lahore Greenz payment plan and prices of plots for sale show this fact very well. Located at the most striking location of Bedian Road Lahore, this community presents secure, affordable and peaceful living to those who want. This farmhouse community is developed on the latest concepts however the convenience of the buyers is highly kept in view by the authorities.

The developers have designed a very convenient and striking payment plan for this project which makes it easy for the interested people to book their plot in Lahore Greenz. You will find this project appealing from all the perspectives as it has maintained everything in such a way. People who are willing to make a powerful and beneficial investment must consider buying a plot in this farmhouse community.

The development work in various parts of this project has already completed however the new booking is open with more sparkling investment opportunities. It is surely the best real estate project in Lahore with the auspicious prices of all the properties. The payment plan of Lahore Greenz shows real concern for the potential buyers as everything is managed so conveniently. Real estate gains are high as the society encounters price appreciation in the last 3 years in form of 50% to 60% rise in prices. We can expect this to be increased in the coming years to almost 70% to 80%.

You just need to pay 50% down payment to book your desirable property for sale as different size plots are available. 2, 4, 6, 8 and 16 Kanal plots for sale are reasonably priced which you can book by paying a certain amount of down payment. The fruitful returns are guaranteed of your today’s investment as the current prices of the properties are reasonable. Among all the farmhouse projects in Lahore, Lahore Greenz enjoys a special position because of the attractive prices, healthy, luxurious and pleasant ambiance.

The prices are affordable and developers have also introduced easy installment policies for the people. This makes it more convenient for all to book their desirable property and get possession over a specific period. On full payment, the buyers will get a 5% discount while there are no documentation charges and the whole booking procedure is simple. You can book your plot easily in Lahore Greenz which is truly a dream place to live and appropriate for the high future returns as the value, demand and property rate will surely increase in the coming time.

The detailed payment plan containing all the necessary information, rates, and installment information is given below for you. Please have a look and book your plot before the chance gone!

Lahore Greenz Payment Plan

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Why Choose Lahore Greenz Luxury Farmhouse?

Lahore Greenz is an incredible choice for those who want to gain powerful investment opportunities and luxurious home in an agriculture setting. It is a vast project which is based on the modern architectural trends where the buyers can discover a peaceful life packed with all the comforts and conveniences. There is a great surge to invest in the farmhouse and people are finding Lahore Greenz the prior choice for various reasons. Here are the most prominent ones!

– Incredible residential farmhouse for sale with pleasant and versatile lifestyle 

– Adjacent to the biggest and important developments of Lahore including DHA and Askari XII 

– Well-connected to the main parts of the city making it easily accessible from anywhere 

– Best prices of the properties with the guaranteed boost up in the coming time 

– World-class and modern amenities are available in lush green settings 

Project Plan

Lahore Greenz is a masterly planned farmhouse community in Lahore with amazing residential and investment options. Developed on highly fertile and legal land, this project aims to provide matchless opportunities to those who love to live natural and urbanized living at the same time. This place is a perfect destination for all nature lovers as the place is set on Bedian Road away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Not only this place is idyllic for residential purpose, but also investment purpose.

The developers have planned the things ideally to cater to the farm housing, residential and investment needs of all. Almost 75% of the project is sold out because of the huge appreciation and high real estate value in the market. You will find this place highly facilitated and convenient to live as the advanced amenities are available.

Lahore Greenz Farmhouse Project Plan

Here the recreational, shopping, health and other kinds of amenities are accessible by the buyers as this community is shaped to provide comforts in every sphere of life. All the standards are maintained however this farmhouse community is so unique and splendid with exclusive architecture and plans. The small town inspiration and landscaped surroundings give an organic feel to make the community full of charms. Lahore Greenz Farmhouse community has amalgamated the organic features with modern details to create a distinctive kind of place that will lead you towards a relaxed yet advanced way of living.

The rustic charms and appeal encourage people to enjoy a lifestyle full of delights, fun, and charms while making this place unique for the families who choose to live here. The farmhouses look beautiful as constructed aesthetically however the airy, open and hygienic atmosphere add more to the charm of living for the families. It is ensured by the authorities to provide the necessities of life to all without any interruption to avoid any kind of difficulty on part of the residence. This also sets the real estate value of properties for sale high to give maximum value of your money. Lahore Greenz is planned perfectly from farm housing, residential and investment purpose for all!

Lahore Greenz Location Map

Lahore Greenz farmhouse enjoys the ideal and strategic location of Lahore as the project is situated on Bedian Road. Ring Road phase II interchange and various other important developments are closely connected to this place however one can access the place easily from all over the city. DHA phase X and Askari XII are adjacent to this project and this increases the worth of properties for sale in Lahore Greenz high.

While choosing any place to live or invest, location plays an important role. You must consider the location carefully as the value and demand of properties depend highly on this aspect. The modern investors and buyers always prefer the developed, well-connected and accessible location to enjoy convenient living as well as beneficial investment.


The location of Lahore Greenz fulfills all the requirements and aspects of an ideal location and this has added much to the popularity of this place. You will find the location excellent from all the aspects. All the main roads and remarkable developments are close however one can access the society easily through main roads. The seamless connectivity and accessibility are the main factors that set the location value high while all the facilities of life are available in close vicinity. You do not need to be worried to access them which makes life more convenient and comfortable.

Transportation, education, health, and shopping all kinds of amenities are close to this location which is ideal to live with your family. Moreover, the serenity and peace are spread all around to enhance the natural aspect in an agriculture setting. You will find this location perfect and highly appealing to live in a hygienic and pleasant environment away from the noise of the city. The investment potential is also high at this place because of the developed status and futuristic approach. You will surely get the best value of your money here!

Approved Project

Lahore Greenz is the modern and one of its kind farmhouse communities which is grabbing the attention of buyers and investors at a remarkable level. This farmhouse community is approved legally by the concerned authorities making it the safe and right choice for you. All the government organizations have labeled it legal for living and investment as the land is approved and the whole plan is approved.

Various real estate projects are initiated in Lahore to fulfill the residential and investment requirements of people. To get real profits and advantages from them, LDA and other official approvals are crucial. If you are planning to invest in any project, make sure that either the project has legal standing in the market or not.

Lahore Greenz is an appropriate choice for you as it is among the approved projects in Lahore where you will face no difficulty in the future. Your money and investment future are completely safe here and you can gain significant profits without any risk. The legal and official status of this project makes it stand prominent for buyers as they can buy a plot for sale for higher returns.

Much of the land has already sold out and the rest is attracting a large number of investors. You must take advantage of investing in this approved and legal society which assures the futuristic benefits.

Lahore Greenz Farmhouse Facilities and Features

Lahore Greenz farm houses society is an amazing society which is adorned with all kind of facilities and amenities essential to lead a significant life. This place is ideal to stay and spend a memorable time with the family while surrounded by greenery and modern features. You will find the community ideal because of the pure atmosphere and availability of advanced facilities.

The security and convenience of people are highly kept in view while developing this scheme while the agriculture aspect is prominent to give people a chance to make their bonds strong with natural life. The blend of modernism with naturalism makes society highly appealing.

Living in a gated community is a peaceful experience especially when the gated community has the facility of life in it. However, the rising crimes have made the gated community with 24-hour security service an essential part of the living. The residential society is incomplete without providing such facilities. Also, it is providing a peaceful and beautiful appearance even when living in around large urban areas.

Healthwise, exposure to sunlight while playing golf contributes a lot to soak up vitamin D in the body. Studies have also shown that spending time on green grounds considerably results in relaxing the body. It also helps in alleviating anxiety by reducing stress. Here the following facilities are available to make your living more convenient and remarkable!

24/7 Security

Underground electricity

Gated Community

Mini-Golf Course

Natural surroundings

Wide carpeted roads


Clean Water

Advanced sewerage