DHA Multan Sector A – Location Layout Plan Map & Plot Prices

Sector A DHA Multan

Sector A is among of the many sectors of the Defense Housing Authority Multan. DHA-Multan is divided into many sectors, places and upcoming attractive projects. Defense Housing Authority Multan consists of 27 different sectors for all type of residents.

Sector A consists of a residential area, commercial area and amenity area. It has a mosque for prayer, parks for kids and a mango museum too. Sector A consists of 1-Kanal and 2-Kanal Plots. Sector A is also further divided into 2 sections i.e., Sub-Sector A1 and Sub-Sector A2.

Location Map

Sector A can be accessed from a variety of locations/sectors of the DHA-Multan Phase 1. It is wide spread in a large area. Here are some of the closest locations/routes/sectors:

  • It can be accessed through Sector F of the DHA-Multan.
  • It can be accessed through Sector G of the DHA-Multan.
  • It can be accessed through Sector B1 of the DHA-Multan.
  • As these three sectors are very close to Sector A.
  • It can be accessed through Rumanza Golf Course of the DHA-Multan.
  • Sector A is located close to both the Jinnah Gate.

Layout Plan

The first phase of the DHA-Multan consists of different sectors ranging from Sector A, Sector B1, Sector B2, Sector C, Sector D, Sector E, Sector F, Sector G, Sector H, Sector I, Sector J, Sector K, Sector L, Sector M, Sector N, Sector O, Sector P, Sector Q, Sector R, Sector S, Sector T, Sector V, Sector V, Sector W1, Sector W2, Sector X and Sector Y.



Sector A – DHA Multan
Residential Area Commercial Area
Parks Amenity Area
Mosque Mango Museum

The layout plan of the DHA-Multan Sector A consists of Residential Area, Commercial Area and Other necessaries of life.

  • Its Plots ranges from 1-Kanal to 2-Kanal.
  • It consists of Residential Area, Parks, Mosque, Commercial Area, Amenity Area and Mango Museum.
  • Sector A is very close to Rumanza Golf Course of the DHA.

Plot Category Types

Residential/Commercial/Amenity Plots

Payment Plan

The payment plan of Sector A DHA varies from time to time. DHA consists of different packages for different areas and locations. For the updated payment plan, you can visit their offices mentioned in the article in the Contact Section.

Nearby Landmarks

Sector A is close to important landmarks/locations/societies of the city. Some of the important landmarks close to the Rumanza Golf Community are as follows:

  • Sector F.
  • Sector G.
  • Sector B1.
  • Rumanza Golf Course.
  • DHA – The Arena.
  • DHA – Zoo.
  • Central Square.
  • Jinnah Gate.

Contact for Further Information and Sale/Purchase of Plots

  • Mobile Phone Number & Whatsapp Call : 0092 321 8451828