B2 Sector DHA Multan – Location Map, Plot Prices

Area B2 DHA Multan
DHA – Multan is a forthcoming alluring property/lodging society in the town. It is situated on Bosan Road, Multan. It is a public lodging society and a gated local area. The lodging society comprises of Town, Commercial Area, Plots, Houses, Villa, Restaurant, Hotel, Golf Clubs and Hospital.

It is exceptionally near significant tourist spots/social orders/colleges of the city like Institute of Southern Punjab (ISP), Bahauddin Zakariya University, Buch Villas, Royal Orchard, Citi Housing and Punjab Government Servants Housing Foundation (PGSHF). Every one of the puts are open from this state on a short drive.

Area B2 is among of the numerous areas of the Defense Housing Authority Multan. DHA-Multan is separated into numerous areas, places and forthcoming alluring activities. Guard Housing Authority Multan comprises of 27 distinct areas for all sort of occupants.

Area B2 comprises of neighborhood, business region and convenience region. It has mosque for petition, parks for youngsters and a mango territory as well. Area B2 comprises of 1-Kanal Plots in particular. Area B2 is additionally partitioned into 4 segments i.e., Sub-Sector B2-1, Sub-Sector B2-2, Sub-Sector B2-3 and Sub-Sector B2-4.

Area Map
Area B2 can be gotten to from various areas/sectors of the DHA-Multan Phase 1. It is far reaching in a huge region. Here are probably the nearest areas/courses/areas:

It tends to be gotten to through Sector H of the DHA-Multan.
It tends to be gotten to through Sector D of the DHA-Multan.
It very well may be gotten to through Sector B1 of the DHA-Multan.
As these three areas are exceptionally near the Sector B2.
Rumanza Golf Course is likewise extremely near this area.
The Sector B2 is found near both the Jinnah Gate.

  • Design Plan
    The principal period of the DHA-Multan comprises of various areas going from Sector B2, Sector B2, Sector B2, Sector C, Sector D, Sector E, Sector F, Sector G, Sector H, Sector I, Sector J, Sector K, Sector L, Sector M, Sector N, Sector O, Sector P, Sector Q, Sector R, Sector S, Sector T, Sector V, Sector V, Sector W1, Sector W2, Sector X and Sector Y.
  • Area B2 – DHA Multan
    Private Area Commercial Area
    Parks Amenity Area
    Mosque DHA Multan Zoo
    The format plan of the DHA-Multan Sector B2 comprises of Residential Area, Commercial Area and Other necessaries of life.
  • This area comprises of 1-Kanal plots.
    It comprises of Residential Area, Parks, Mosque, Commercial Area, Amenity Area and DHA Multan Zoo.
    Area B2 is exceptionally near Rumanza Golf Course of the DHA.
  • Plot Category Types
    Private/Commercial/Amenity Plots
    Installment Plan
    The installment plan of Sector B2 DHA fluctuates every once in a while. DHA comprises of various bundles for various regions and areas. For the refreshed installment plan, you can visit their workplaces referenced in the article in the Contact Section.
  • Close by Landmarks
    Area B2 is near significant tourist spots/areas/social orders of the city. A portion of the significant milestones near the Rumanza Golf Community are as per the following:

    Area H.
Area D.
Area B1.
Rumanza Golf Course.
DHA – The Arena.
DHA – Zoo.
Focal Square.
Jinnah Gate.

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